Garage Door Owner Tips

Garage Door Maintenance & Repair

Important Note: Do not try to repair a garage door without the proper tools, mechanical expertise and the manufacturer’s instructions! Many of the components are large, heavy and under high tension.


Garage door maintenance includes proper parts lubrication: Lubricate pulleys, rollers, and pivot points of hinges with a light penetrating oil (Fimbel carries #400 door lubricant). Do not use grease on these parts or oil tracks.

Monthly Checks

Regularly check the springs, cable, pulleys and rollers for visible signs of wear. Caution: The springs and cables are under high tension and require special handling when replacing them. A skilled homeowner with the proper tools and good mechanical aptitude can repair these items by themselves. If you are not sure how to do this or would like us to perform these repairs please contact us at 1-800-556-9786 press 4 for service or ext. #107. The extension springs that counterbalance the door (along the side of the door); need to be replaced with the door in an open position. A safety cable should be used in case the spring breaks. The torsion springs (above the door header) should only be adjusted by a trained professional. For all repairs, refer to your manufacturer’s owner’s manual.

Balancing the Door

The balance of the garage door should be checked periodically (once or twice a year). Start with the door closed. For electric openers, set the door for manual operation with the release handle. Open the door approximately three or four feet off the ground. The door should easily move to this height. If the door sticks, the metal rollers and hinges need lubrication or the tracks are dirty, clogged or out of alignment. Release the door at this height and it should remain in this position. If the door drops down, most likely the extension spring are worn and need replacement. If the door opens entirely by itself upon release, the extension springs are too strong and need to be replaced with a lighter tension unit. Caution: All garage door springs are under high tension and extreme care should be followed if you replace them yourself. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions strictly. If you are not sure how to do this or would like us to perform these repairs please contact us at 1-800-556-9786 – press 4 for service or ext. #107.

Electric Garage Door Openers

Electric openers are unique and require careful adjustment after installation. If you do not feel qualified please contact us and the number listed above for service. The opener uses significant force to open and close your door. The manufacturer’s instructions can assist with minor adjustments, but the first time installation requires careful attention. Improper adjustment can result in serious injury or death from being hit by the garage door or its moving parts. Garage door opener safety: An electric opener should have an automatic safety reverse mechanism. This feature will automatically reverse the direction of door travel if it hits an obstacle. If your unit does not possess this feature or this feature is not working, you should replace it with a new model.

Garage Door Safety Tips

  • Keep hands and fingers clear of all moving parts, the door track, door panel joints, hinges,
 rollers, springs, and cables when the door is being opened or closed.
  • Don’t let children play “beat the door” while it is closing.
  • Be sure the automatic reverse mechanism on your electric opener is functioning properly.
  • Be sure the photo eye sensors for your electric opener are functioning properly. Do not
 disable this feature. If your opener does not have this feature, consider buying a newer model that does.
  • Keep transmitters and remote controls out of reach of small children.
  • Mount any indoor push button out of the reach of small children.
  • Keep door in full sight when opening or closing it with your remote control.

Contact a Fimbel Garage Door professional for proper service, safety tips and repairs.

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